about the process -

Through my paintings, I create a portal that takes you through a visual journey into a meditative state - a way to dive into a calm and balanced mind. 

My deep interest in esoteric teachings led me to better understand human nature. 

We take on too many tasks, get very busy, and leave very little space for ourselves. In order to be happy, we need to create some space in our mind, in our homes, and in our relationship with others.

I use simple bold shapes to create a refreshing effect that brings you back to the present moment.

Painting is a meditative process and I'm hoping to spread this feeling through my work.

About me -

Born and raised in Siberia, I received classic training in painting and drawing from a local art school. 

I studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute and received mY Bachelor degree in Architecture. 

I spent a few years living in New York City, where I was strongly influenced by the local art community and art culture. 

Being around so many creative minds led ME to explore MY own voice in art. I currently reside and work in San Francisco, California.

email: info@sofiashu.com